Friday, 20 February 2015

Filial Appeal asking the Pope to be Catholic.

I must admit to having been somewhat skeptical about this appeal. Catholic doctrine is no more determined by appeals than it is by any other form of popular opinion or lobby effort.  It is of the essence of the Papal office to defend and expound the true doctrine of Christ as it has been handed down to us in the deposit of faith - the faith held and handed down once by the saints, the apostles.  It is not the Papal prerogative to soothe the dead consciences of the worldly and the impenitent by changing Church discipline so that doctrine is negated.

However, I have been persuaded by arguments made on other blogs that this appeal serves a purpose beyond reaching out to the vestiges of faith and rationality which still remain in the mind of the Bishop of Rome.  As he hurtles headlong towards the abyss in his attempts to sunder the Church from the doctrine of Christ, it is important that the remnant know that they are not alone.  Now is the hour for solidarity with the Church triumphant and what remains of the Church militant.  For the hour is surely coming when all faithful Catholics will be presented with a stark choice: Christ or Kaiser.  More will have the strength to resist if they know that they are in good company.

"As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord"  (Josh 24,15)  Therefore, I have signed the appeal.  If you should stumble across this pathetically inactive blog, please consider doing so too.  The link is here:

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